Weekly Wrap Up For March 25th, 2022

John Mead, Vice President of Sales for Totalogistix, helps manufacturers find the hidden savings in the movement of their goods, from raw materials to finished products, overlooked in their supply chain and the invoices manufacturers pay – and often over-pay.

Japan Ranks as World’s Top Robot Manufacturer

According to a new report from the International Federation of Robotics, Japan is the world´s number one industrial robot manufacturer, delivering 45% of the global supply. The country’s robot producers have increased significantly, with their export ratio rising to 78% in 2020 when 136,069 industrial robots were shipped. (Read More)

Tesla FactoryTesla Raises Prices in U.S., China Amid Inflation

This week, Tesla raised the prices on all of their cars currently available in the U.S., while implementing similar hikes on the Model 3 and Model Y in China. These latest hikes are the second increase in prices within the past week. (Read More)


One of the latest and greatest trends in business is to hire a coach to help you streamline your company and clarify your thinking. Today’s guest is Coralee Beatty, a business coach, a consultant, and a mom. Coralee was the owner of a mechanical contracting business before she moved into coaching, where her specialty is helping women leaders in construction. Join us as we find out how she found her passion for the construction industry, and why she moved from psychology to trade school, to entrepreneurship, and now to coaching! We learn what some of the biggest challenges facing women in the construction industry are, and it’s crucial to have systems in place in a business. Coralee gives some great advice on why and how you can master your thoughts and feelings, and why there is a need for women in construction. Tune in to hear the common misconceptions surrounding the construction industry, the women in it, and so much more!

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