Weekly Wrap Up for March 29th, 2019

In this week’s episode, host Cliff Waldman discusses his thinking and research insights on automation, a phenomenon that is rapidly reshaping manufacturing processes. Cliff offers comments on the incidence of automation investment, the intersection of automation and other types of physical investments and the implications of automation for productivity performance in manufacturing. Cliff lists important unanswered questions and concludes by framing the automation policy debate.

The Ohio State University campusOhio Manufacturing Institute (OMI) To Launch New Podcast Series On ‘Manufacturing Talk Radio’

Jacket Media Co., formerly known as Manufacturing Broadcast Corporation (MBC), will be incorporating a new series, “Manufacturing Tomorrow,” into their nationally-recognized podcast, Manufacturing Talk Radio, which has aired since November 2013.  “Manufacturing Tomorrow” is a podcast series by the Ohio Manufacturing Institute (OMI) at The Ohio State University. (Read More)

Ritch Ramey is the engineering technologies coordinator at the Robotics & Advanced Manufacturing Technology Education Collaborative, or RAMTEC, which provides training to high school students and incumbent workers on industry-standard facilities and equipment. RAMTEC is located at the Tri-Rivers Career Center Advanced Manufacturing facility in Marion, Ohio; other training sites are now located at most career and technology centers throughout the state. Ritch has served Tri-Rivers Career Center since 1987, leading the instruction of high school students in engineering and industrial robotics. He is involved in the Project Leads the Way high school Digital Electronics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing courses. He also teaches industrial robotics, CAD, digital electronics and CNC, among other courses, at Marion Technical College. Ritch received his bachelor of science degree in technology at Bowling Green State University, his vocational education certification at the University of Toledo and his associate degree in manufacturing engineering at Marion Technical College.

Nikola MotorsHydrogen-powered Truck Manufacturer Purchases Land For New Factory

Hydrogen-powered truck manufacturer Nikola has purchased 389 acres of land in Pinal County, Arizona to build a factory to manufacture their hybrid, hydrogen-electric powered Class 8 trucks. A Class 8 truck is defined as having a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) exceeding 33000 lbs. such as tractor trailers. (Read More)

On this week’s episode of WAM, host, Barbara Trautlein had the pleasure of speaking with Shonali Ditz and Tiernan Murrell, who inspire us with their story about how their journeys as women engineers in manufacturing motivated them to create SparkShop, an innovative, hands-on learning experience to ignite elementary school students with their infectious passion for STEM.