Weekly Wrap Up For May 13th, 2022

Join Ben Talbert with Better Than Found (www.btfsearch.com) as he discusses how a search firm works for its clients and candidates to find the most suitable fit at a cost much less than a wrong hire. Hosts Lew Weiss and Tim Grady ask Mr. Talbert how his firm finds and places the right people in a very tight labor market.

Nancy LeMaster, committee chair for the Institute for Supply Management’s Hospital Purchasing Managers Report on Business(R) updates Manufacturing Talk Radio on aspects of the hospital industry struggling from Covid, the War in Ukraine, labor and supply chain challenges that still exist within the industry and may for many months looking forward.

Anthony Nieves, Committee Chair for the ISM’s Services Report on Business® discusses the latest report.

While quality inspection, audits, and standards in manufacturing may not be the highest items on your list of priorities, they are the backbone of a good manufacturing environment. Joining us for an important conversation on this topic is Shirley Dewi, Senior Vice President of Quality Assurance and Client Services at IAPMO, a one-stop shop for conformity assessments. Tuning in, you’ll hear about IAPMO, its history, and the services the company provides. You’ll also gain an understanding of how, despite being considered a cost and a burden, conformity assessments can add a lot of value to your company. You’ll discover more about IAPMO’s global footprint, where Shirley is witnessing the development of manufacturing locations outside of China, and the impact of the war in Ukraine on manufacturers and supply chains internationally. To hear real-life examples of how the right conformity assessments can make or break your manufacturing business, tune in today!

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