Weekly Wrap Up For May 19, 2023

Liron Ben-Horin, President of OneLayer, discusses why 5G is vital for manufacturers, how to get it implemented on top of your existing network, and where it benefits overall operations and security.

Tim Fiore, Committee Chair for the Manufacturing Report on Business® and Anthony Nieves, Committee Chair for the Services Report on Business® join hosts Lew Weiss and Tim Grady to discuss the results of ISM’s survey on business conditions for the balance of 2023.  So far, conditions do not indicate that business is headed into a recession in 2023 as either a soft landing or a hard one, but rather a soft expansion.

Stu Johnson, Vice President of Marketing for Rootstock explains how to simplify a manufacturing implementation of Salesforce using Rootstock, where most of the development work to integrate the platform has been completed for you, without having to make your business fit someone else’s mold.

The Hazard Girls podcast is proud to welcome Kasey Kelly, Product Marketing Manager, Articulated Dump Trucks at John Deere to show. Kasey and Host Emily Soloby share an insightful conversation about Kasey’s career before John Deere as well as the rewarding and challenging experiences in her current role at the company.

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