Weekly Wrap Up For May 20th, 2022

Dr. Chris Kuehl, Managing Partner with Armada Corporate Intelligence, discusses facets of the economy that manufacturing is dealing with, and the underlying strengths and weaknesses of the shifting sands.

Norbert Ore, Senior Correspondent with Manufacturing Talk Radio, discusses the chaos and forecasting surrounding manufacturing from D.C. policy to oil and gas prices that make it difficult to predict the strength of the current expansion, much less its longevity. The previous historic economic expansion followed by the pandemic interruption has created such an air of uncertainty that prognosticators are playing both sides of the fence in predicting continued expansion and near-term recession.

Join Ben Talbert with Better Than Found (www.btfsearch.com) as he discusses how a search firm works for its clients and candidates to find the most suitable fit at a cost much less than a wrong hire. Hosts Lew Weiss and Tim Grady ask Mr. Talbert how his firm finds and places the right people in a very tight labor market.

Today we are joined by Patricia Hume to discuss some innovative software that is helping to revolutionize 3D CAD models and their use across entire organizations. Pat is the CEO of Canvas GFX, the company responsible for the Canvas Envision. This is an interactive content and collaboration solution that empowers everyone to use 3D CAD models to share and understand essential product information with speed, ease, and precision. Today she joins us to explain what Canvas GFX does, what types of documentation can be created with it, what types of employees that can benefit from using it, and why collectively this is so revolutionary. Tuning in you’ll hear about the survey that Canvas GFX conducted among manufacturers and what they learned about documentation and its effects on the bottom line. To find out how Canvas Envision enables innovation, how it can help with employee retention, and what segment of the manufacturing industry most benefits from this product, tune in today!