Weekly Wrap Up For May 26, 2023

On this episode of Moser On Manufacturing, Manufacturing Talk Radio Host Lew Weiss and Harry Moser of the Reshoring Initiative discuss how manufacturers can establish Total Cost of Ownership in manufacturing using the Total Cost of Ownership Estimator Estimator.

Dr. Chris Kuehl, Managing Partner at Armada Corporate Intelligence, discusses the unpredictable conditions that have economic prognosticators befuddled. The Fed’s attempts to break inflation by raising rates and triggering unemployment is vexed by manufacturers hanging on to skilled labor, who were difficult to find and expensive to hire. So far, the most accurate predictor of future manufacturing conditions is ASIS, or the Armada Strategic Intelligence System, with its excellent sector-by-sector analysis of manufacturing.

Mark Dohnalek, President and CEO of Pivot International presents how his firm help companies or individuals move their product, software, or system concept through the stages of development to complete a prototype or finished project.

Bree Carroll is an Event Strategist and Speaker with a background in Civil Engineering with the U.S. Air Force. Today as the CEO of B. Carroll Events, Bree uses the problem-solving and strategic thinking skills she mastered as an engineer to create memorable, brand-building events. Hazard Girls Host Emily Soloby takes a deep dive into Bree’s experiences as an engineer, a military spouse, mom and CEO as she works with businesses of  all kinds to leverage events to help them achieve their profit, positioning and impact goals.