Weekly Wrap Up For May 7th, 2021

Anthony Nieves, Committee Chairman of the ISM’s Services Report on Business(R) discusses the latest Service Sector Index report detailing the strengthening or weakening of the service sectors of our economy, and is presented in depth exclusively on Manufacturing Talk Radio.

Wallbox Begins Scouting for U.S. Manufacturing Location

As electric vehicles grow in popularity, so does their need for charging stations. This has resulted in impressive growth for charging solution companies like Wallbox and the Barcelona-based company is now scouting out locations for their first U.S. manufacturing facility. (Read More)

Construction of Largest U.S. Wind Facility Begins in New Jersey

As green energy sources become more popular, it’s expected that solar and wind energy will see a major ramp up in the near future. In turn, this could create rather lucrative construction opportunities. One state in particular which is aiming to take advantage of this is New Jersey, where construction on what will be the nation’s largest wind manufacturing facility has recently begun. (Read More)

Toyota to Invest $800M, Add 1,400 Jobs to Indiana Plant

The auto industry is rebounding strongly from the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic. Demand for new cars has been rising, and the future prospects of electric vehicles have many companies preparing for a ramp-up in overall production efforts. One company that seems to be making moves to address this is Toyota, which has announced a new massive investment plan into their Indiana manufacturing plant. (Read More)

In today’s episode, we speak with Stephanie Richelieu Stagger, Chief Revenue Officer for 3Gtms. Stephanie shares how her international upbringing and global experience have aided her career in supply chain management. In our discussion, we talk about how she fell in love with software and supply chain management, why her work is never boring, and how the pandemic has informed the public’s understanding of supply chains. Later, we explore how Amazon has affected customer expectations across the industry and how to determine when it’s time to implement additional Transportation Management System (TMS) software for your business, as well as a breakdown of the process. Stephanie also shares what she’s learned over the years, especially with regards to flexibility, and why we should continue to expect disruptions well into the future. For all this and more, join us today!

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