Weekly Wrap Up For November 18, 2022

In this episode of Moser On Manufacturing, Harry stresses the importance of consumers communicating to retailers their desire to buy made-in-USA products and that retailers should make it easy to find those products on their shelves. Lew and Harry talk about what defines “made in America” when it comes to the parts used in a product, and Lew shares his solution for the skills gap by way of immigration policy.

Nick Santhanam, CEO of the Fernweh Group, an investment company, is adapting an engaged investor and operator model (EIOM) to create alpha in the industrial and industrial technology sector.

Mark Lilly, President and CEO of LillyWorks discusses how to improve manufacturing performance through the application of technology in the world of Industry 4.0, IIoT, Machine Learning, and AI.

How do you bridge the disconnect between manufacturing companies and their potential marketing success? Emily Wilkins, Founder and CEO of Marketing Metal, explains why her company is successful, while other marketing agencies struggle to meet manufacturing companies in the middle. From hesitancy when handing over marketing to inexperience in laying out goals and misunderstanding why marketing is needed at all, the reasons for disconnect are seemingly endless. Emily explains the importance of attracting (and retaining) talent and vendors, how marketing can be a fun and exciting team-building tool, why you need a good website, and why Marketing Metal prioritizes pulling manufacturing companies into the marketing process.