Weekly Wrap Up For October 20, 2023

Today’s episode is the second of a two-part series featuring Kerrie Jordan, Vice President of Product Management – Data Platform at Epicor. Kerrie discusses the most important report for your manufacturing business’s health, strength, and sustainability, Voice Of The Manufacturing Manager 2023. Part one of this series covered Epicor’s  Voice of The Essential Manufacturing Worker report. In these two reports, 1,000 manufacturing leaders and frontline workers reveal their impressions about the technology they’re using and embracing, the shifts they’re making and experiencing in the workplace, and how they view the future of the industry.

On today’s episode of Manufacturing Talk Radio, we’re joined by Ed Marsh from Consilium Global Business Advisors. Consilium is a consulting firm that focuses on working with middle-market manufacturers with an emphasis on revenue growth through marketing and sales. For many manufacturers, sales and marketing can be an issue. Consilium works with senior management to help develop a better understanding of how to grow revenue in a landscape of near-constant transformational change.

Anthony Nieves, Committee Chair for the Services Report on Business® highlights the strengths in the Services Sectors.

On today’s episode of the Hazard Girls Podcast, we welcome Leyah Hostetter, Director of Customer Success at Construction Leading Edge, a one-stop shop for contracting professionals who want to be more effective entrepreneurs and leaders. In this role, Leyah specializes in working with construction company owners and leadership teams to help them better organize their time and resources and be more effective entrepreneurs and leaders. Leyah shares valuable insight into how Construction Leading Edge helps companies set streamlined systems, and then get out of their own way.