Weekly Wrap Up For October 22, 2021

Presented by Norbert Ore, Senior Correspondent on Global Purchasing Manager’s Index Surveys.

Re:Build Manufacturing – A New Plan to Bring Manufacturing Jobs to the U.S.

As supply chain issues continue to worsen and more and more manufacturers struggle to get their products to market, many companies are looking for ways to boost domestic manufacturing. One such company is Optimation Technology, which announced a new partnership designed to accomplish this goal. (Read More)

Great ResignationErgonomics Lives at Home Thanks to the Great Resignation

With one in several American workers planning to resign before the end of the year (dubbed the great resignation), the issues of occupational health and safety (OHS) and environmental health and safety (EHS) have moved into the homes of employees, consultants, and remote workers. From December 2000 to the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the United States resignation rate never surpassed 2.4% of the total workforce. (Read More)

Since Eileen Small entered the textile and garment industries in the 1980’s, a lot has changed. When she started out, close to 90% of garment manufacturing took place in the USA and today this number has dropped to less than 10%. Furthermore, technology has made the world a much smaller place, and a more entrepreneurial one, and sustainability and transparency have become vital to staying relevant. In today’s episode, Eileen gives us an inside look at what it was like sourcing piece goods (commonly known as fabrics) from all over the world in her twenties, and the nuances that exist within the textile and garment industries. As a trade show veteran, Eileen also has valuable advice to share about how to get the most out of these events, and what you can expect from some of the upcoming ones that are going to be held in the near future. The textile and apparel industries have some of the most responsive and attentive supply chains of all manufacturing sectors, and you will have a greater appreciation for the apparel that clothes you after listening to this episode!

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