Weekly Wrap Up For October 27, 2023

On this episode of Moser On Manufacturing, Harry and Lew welcome Harold Schoch, Chief Executive Officer of Fives Machining Systems Inc. and Matt Shockey, President of the Grinding Ultra Precision business line of the Fives Group.

Dr. Chris Kuehl discusses conditions in various sectors of the economy and the uncertainty in D.C., along with employment and interest rates that are keeping manufacturers up at night. Thankfully, the construction sector of manufacturing is doing well with plant expansions. One of the countries doing particularly well is Mexico, which has become a replacement for China in lower-cost labor. And that talk of recession is still an undercurrent that hasn’t yet become a riptide.

Today’s episode is the second of a two-part series featuring Kerrie Jordan, Vice President of Product Management – Data Platform at Epicor. Kerrie discusses the most important report for your manufacturing business’s health, strength, and sustainability, Voice Of The Manufacturing Manager 2023. Part one of this series covered Epicor’s  Voice of The Essential Manufacturing Worker report. In these two reports, 1,000 manufacturing leaders and frontline workers reveal their impressions about the technology they’re using and embracing, the shifts they’re making and experiencing in the workplace, and how they view the future of the industry.

Sally Morse is Co-founder of Spectra Supply, Product Creator for Spectra Gloves as well and Director of Unify Safety Supply. On this episode of the Hazard Girls podcast, host Emily Soloby talks with Sally about how she came to play pivotal roles in these organizations. Sally shares with us how she started Spectra Supply from nothing including finding suppliers, making adjustments to prototypes, and creating marketing materials from scratch. Sally and Emily go on to discuss Sally’s passion for connecting with and helping women in the workforce, how that passion led her to where she is today, and what’s around the corner in the near future.