Weekly Wrap Up For October 8th, 2021

Nancy LeMaster, Committee Chair of the ISM’s Hospital Report on Business® discusses the latest report in detail.

Chinese Factory ProductionChinese Factory Production Slows Amid Energy Crisis

Amid coal shortages and new energy usage goals, factories in China have been forced to limit or completely halt production to comply with energy use limits.  A new report shows just how these hurdles have impacted the nation’s overall production capabilities. (Read More)


Anthony Nieves, Committee Chair for the ISM’s Services Report on Business® discusses the impact of the bottlenecked supply chain on the services sector, which could extend into next year.

Tim Fiore, Committee Chair for the ISM Manufacturing Report on Business(R), presents the manufacturing Report On Business.

In light of the current climate and the effects of the COVID pandemic, the entrepreneurs of today and going forward, are going to need to have a very different skill set to what was required even five years ago. Today we talk to Cara Macklin, a business coach and the founder and CEO of Caram, a success coaching firm. Cara is a serial entrepreneur and a leading businesswoman in Northern Ireland. She was the director for 15 years of a multi-million, and multi-award-winning hospitality and healthcare group, growing it from three businesses with only 200 employees to seven businesses with over 600 employees. She is renowned for helping entrepreneurs to achieve meaningful change and sustained growth. Cara believes that creating an innovative culture is key to the success of businesses in this current time. In this episode, she explains that people are no longer happy to sit on the sidelines and be told what to do, they want to be involved in the progress and success of a business and that the most important thing for the happiness of people is the leadership at every level. Listening in you’ll hear what innovative culture is, as well as how to engage people properly and bring them along with you as a leader. Tune in today to find out what an entrepreneur should be doing to create a culture that makes people want to stay!