Weekly Wrap Up For September 10th, 2021

Dr. Chris Kuehl, Managing Partner with Armada Corporate Intelligence, presents the National Association of Credit Management’s CMI (Credit Manager’s Index) Report.

Economic recoveryU.S. Economic Recovery Hits Snag in August

In the past few months, the U.S. economy has been showing signs of a strong economic recovery from the initial shock caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, with many of the jobs reports surpassing economists’ expectations. However, it seems this recovery process has run into a major roadblock. (Read More)

EV ChargingEV Charging Company to Open First U.S. Plant

As electric vehicles continue to grow in popularity here in the U.S., more and more companies are looking to get involved in manufacturing the infrastructure required for them to operate. One such is Wallbox, which announced this week its plans to build a new facility in the U.S. (Read More)

In this episode, WAM host Rosemary Coates sits down with Eileen P. Guarino, the CEO of Greno Industries Inc. — a machine shop based in upstate New York that has evolved to become a trusted manufacturer of machine parts, which serve a wide range of industries, including several Fortune 500 companies.

After taking over for her father, who founded the company in 1961, Eileen swiftly instilled her fresh yet informed perspective to Greno Industries, Inc. This allowed her to adapt Greno to an ever-changing industry, which included many workplace challenges of the global pandemic. In terms of women in the workplace, Eileen recently saw Greno receive a Certification from the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council, a leading advocate of women-owned businesses as suppliers to America’s corporations and a valuable networking partner for Greno.

Throughout the episode, Rosemary and Eileen touch on the skilled labor shortage in the United States, what it’s like to be a small business competing with global outsourcing, and how Greno Industries Inc. adapted to the lack of face-to-face interactions with customers and the supply chain during the global pandemic.

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