Weekly Wrap Up For September 17th, 2021

Dr. Chris Kuehl, Managing Partner with Armada Corporate Intelligence, presents the National Association of Credit Management’s CMI (Credit Manager’s Index) Report.

Ford halts productionFord To Halt Production In India

The Covid-19 pandemic is still creating major headaches for auto manufacturers. In a drastic effort to restructure and reduce costs, Ford announced plans to drastically shift its operations in India.
On Friday, Ford released a press statement in which they described the future of their presence in India. According to the statement, Ford India will begin winding down vehicle assembly in the city of Sanand by the fourth quarter of 2021, with vehicle and engine manufacturing halting in Chennai during the second quarter of 2022. Customers in India will still be able to receive parts, service, and warranty support. (Read More)

RV ManufacturingNorthern Indiana RV Manufacturing Expected to Have Record Year

Northern Indiana has long been a major hub of RV manufacturing in the U.S. and a new forecast shows that this year may be one of the best for the sector in recent years. (Read More)


Manufacturing garments for the likes of Ralph Lauren to the United States Coast Guard, our guest today is also the recipient of the Step Ahead Award from The Manufacturing Institute. Today we welcome to the show, Gabrielle Ferrara. Gabrielle is the Chief Operating Officer at Ferrara Manufacturing, a family-owned and operated, American garment manufacturer company founded in 1987. The company is located in Manhattan’s Garment District and specializes in high-end, tailored, goods production. Gabrielle leads the company’s strategic development, integration of new technologies, and day-to-day operations. Her work supports tailored goods production for prestigious organizations such as Ralph Lauren, The Purple Label, and many more. Join us as we dive into a great conversation with Gabrielle about her company, how she stepped into her role and pivoted the company into COVID-related PPE manufacturing. She also shares with us her passion for garment manufacturing in the United States, women in manufacturing and supply chain, and how they’re impacting, engaging, and setting up exposure opportunities in their community. Stay tuned for all this, and more!