Weekly Wrap Up For September 22, 2023

David Mantey, Editorial Director for IEN, discusses manufacturing skilled labor shortage solutions and the latest trends and technologies that may help reduce reliance on people.

Dr. Chirs Kuehl, the highly-respected economist from Armada Corporate Intelligence talks about economic issues in China, Russia, BRICs, and the U.S. GDP is defying a recession as the third quarter approaches 3% GDP growth with Real GDP above 5% for 2023.

Anthony Nieves, Committee Chair for the Services Report on Business(R) highlights the strengths in the Services Sectors that continues to defy recession, which has disappeared from the conversation. The report is well above the midline of 50 and continues to grow.

Cassie Alexander, the founder of Xendros Unlimited, joins Host Emily Soloby to talk about everything safety. As a female chemist in a male-dominated industry, Cassie experienced and witnessed several unsafe situations throughout her career – both physical and psychological. The need for change led to the launch of Xendros Unlimited, a safety consulting firm that provides custom experiential training for educators and businesses with the goal of creating a safer and more responsible workplace for all.