Weekly Wrap Up For September 24th, 2021

Join John W. Kennedy, CEO, NJMEP, and Aaron Ramsey, Senior Services Manager, Perdue University MEP, discuss the supply chain and all its intricacies as well as ISO implementation and what the future holds for the MEP National Network.

Logistics trainingCass Transportation Index Report

The shipments component of the Cass Freight Index® grew 12% y/y in August and should slow to mid-single-digit growth into year-end on tougher comps. (Read More)


Driving Digital TransformationDriving Digital Transformation Through Mobile Technology

The past year brought a significant paradigm shift to the “normal” way of working around the world. During the pandemic, there was an emphasis on the necessity to keep workers safe, product quality high and operations streamlined. This led to an increased investment in Connected Worker technology and the implementation of digital technologies to make manufacturing processes safer and more efficient. (Read More)

Gen ZManufacturers Turn to Gen Zers Parlaying Streaming into Product Selling Channel

The new Gen Z and Entertainment divisions of the Manufacturing Media Consortium are looking at the way young D2C (direct to consumer) entrepreneurs use streaming to build an audience, a customer base, and most importantly generate sales. The old models of marketing methods for manufacturers have given way to TikTok, Instagram, and streaming platforms such as Twitch. Taking a page out of Wendy Williams mantra, “How you doin’?” the Gen Zers are using social media and streaming entertainment.   (Read More)

Today’s guest is from a country that many people probably know little about. Uganda, situated on the African continent, was one of Africa’s first countries to have a female vice president, is one of only a few countries in the world which has a ministry dedicated solely to women’s issues, and as recently as 2006, found oil. Today’s guest, Benita Bageire, has tapped into the huge potential of this discovery. Despite her lack of formal education in relation to the oil and gas industry, and old-fashioned practices which present a major challenge to women looking to acquire commercial funding, Benita founded Albertine Oil and Gas Services in 2016 and received the Upstream Oil and Gas Women of the Year Award in 2019. In this episode, you’ll hear more about what makes Uganda such a wonderful place, what the country’s oil and gas industry currently looks like, and its big plans for the future!

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