Weekly Wrap Up For September 2nd, 2022

Jim Orrico, Founder and President of Dream to Product discusses how his company helps move a product concept into the real world through engineering design and manufacturing processes for companies that need to outsource R&D.

boomersManufacturers Increasingly Reduce Risk with HR Outsourcing and Bring Back Baby Boomers to the Workforce

Federal, state, and local regulations are complex, numerous, and ever-changing. Industrial HR managers have regularly expressed the near impossibility of keeping up with these necessary details while running the day-to-day operations of a small business. These details often kill a business from costly compliance violations. The consequences can cause the death of a company in this highly litigious world. (Read More)

Apprenticeship BuildingU.S. Department Of Labor Announces Apprenticeship Building America Program, $113m In Available Funds To Strengthen, Modernize Registered Apprenticeships

The U.S. Department of Labor announced a grant program to strengthen, modernize, expand and diversify its Registered Apprenticeship Program to enable more workers to earn while they learn and find reliable pathways to the middle class. (Read More)

Manufacturing can be so many different things. Everything you use in your day-to-day life is essentially manufactured. Are you wondering daily how your favorite things are being made? Or wondering where they come from? Why are we not talking more, especially to young women, about the possibility of careers in manufacturing? Our guest on the show today is passionate about manufacturing, and her name is Devon Winter. Devon is the Vice President and COO at F. W. Winter Inc. & Co, the industry-leading supplier of metals and alloys in powder form for automotive, welding, and aerospace industries. She started as a sales and marketing associate with the company and in 2016 she became the director of operations, successfully implementing LEAN, and became the COO in 2020; overseeing the management of the company globally. Don’t miss out on today’s conversation as we hear all about Devon’s journey through the manufacturing industry, her thoughts on LEAN and ISO certifications, and why she is so deeply passionate about careers in manufacturing! Tune in today!

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