Weekly Wrap Up For September 3rd, 2021

In this episode of ‘Cliff Notes on the Global Manufacturing Picture’ host Cliff Waldman overviews the growing list of crises and disruptions in the global business environment. These include the delta variant, renewed terrorism threats and escalating cyber attacks. Cliff reviews recent economic and manufacturing data and then considers the manufacturing outlook in light of this wide range of challenges.

Huawei microchipsHuawei Gets Approval to Buy Auto Chips, Sparking Backlash

As semiconductors remain in short supply, many nations have begun limiting the amount they export while also looking for ways to boost their own domestic output. In an interesting turn of events, the U.S. has recently approved a new set of chip licenses for a company that was under heavy scrutiny months ago. (Read More)

August 2021 Manufacturing ISM® Report On Business®

Economic activity in the manufacturing sector grew in August, with the overall economy notching a 15th consecutive month of growth, say the nation’s supply executives in the latest Manufacturing ISM®Report On Business®. (Read More)


Auto Sales DipAuto Sales Are Expected To Dip In August, According To New Report

In the aftermath of the worst of the Covid-19 pandemic, the auto industry has shown strong growth and recovery. However, according to a newly released report, the sector could see a drastic drop for August. (Read More)

On today’s episode, we speak with Rachel Snyder, an employee at TR Cutler Inc. who recently published an article in Manufacturing Outlook magazine on why it is so important to embrace Gen Z in the world. She brings us up to speed with the biggest platforms that Gen Zs use, and why, if companies want to recruit Gen Zs, they need to get on board. Rachel informs us that about 85 percent of Gen Zs learn about new products solely through social media, and gives us the temperature on how involved employers should get with Gen Z lingo. Next, we dive into the role of inclusivity as an important value for Gen Z, touch on cancel culture, and how Rachel’s generation works smarter, not harder. You’ll also hear some tips on how to make Z’s feel valued, how to deliver criticism, the importance of maintaining values that will keep Z’s from leaving the company, and how Rachel’s boss, Tom, has taught her to have confidence and communicate her boundaries within the workplace at TR Cutler Inc. We hope you join us to hear more about how to maximize your Gen Z employees’ output and workplace satisfaction today!