Episode 56: West Coast Port Crisis Continues – with Special Guest Congressman Rod Blum

Tuesday, February 17th at 1PM EST: Think the West Coast port situation doesn’t affect you – or your kids?  Think again!  Special Guest U.S. Congressman Rod Blum joins us LIVE to discuss the worsening situation at the ports. Tune in to hear how the intentionally created congestion at the ports, and the products needed by America’s manufacturers to keep the jobs engine firing on all cylinders, is being ignored by the White House while retailers squirm under the scrutiny of customers who don’t understand why they can’t get the goods they ordered or the products they want.

The ripple effects of raw materials not making it to manufacturing assembly lines, retail goods from the holidays arriving late but clogging warehouses, and retail products not being available for your spring shopping season are throwing sand in the gears of commerce across America and around the globe as the waves of disruption increase in size and intensity, washing against our productivity shores and erode America’s GDP, dragging more and more pieces of the 2015 economy out to sea.

If you miss this show, or the recent podcast on this subject, don’t look for a life preserver when you finally feel the waves washing over you.  You need to get ahead of this one!