Episode 330: You, Too, Can Have a High Performance Culture – If You Tune In

Manufacturing Talk Radio hosts Lew Weiss and Tim Grady interview consultants and co-authors Sue Bingham,  founder of the HPWP Group, and Bob Dusin, co-author of Creating The High Performance Workplace: It’s Not Complicated to Develop a Culture of Commitment about the 8 essential elements to creating this high performance workplace.  You can also find the book on Amazon.

Sue Bingham
Guest Sue Bingham
Guest Bob Dusin
Guest Bob Dusin

Today’s Guests

Sue Bingham is the founder of the HPWP Group, helping organizations create high performing work environments through building trust and valuing people. Bob Dusin is a partner at HPWP and together they are the authors of Creating the High Performance Work Place: It’s Not Complicated to Develop a Culture of Commitment.

Working in Human Resources for several years at an aerospace company, Sue experienced the soul-murdering effects of autocratic and controlling leadership. The company’s HR policies and leadership practices had evolved in response to the misbehavior of a few bad employees and, in the interest of “fairness”, painted every employee with the same negative brush. This lowered morale and performance across the board. After she left this company, she worked with her mentor and now-husband to develop a philosophy and culture that they would go on to implement in other organizations with incredible success.

Bob grew up on a farm in Kansas and pursued a career in civil engineering and construction. He eventually redirected his career, becoming a training and human resources director. After leaving the corporate world, he began to collaborate with Sue and her unique approach to culture and leadership.